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Okay a few things

I Know I have not been on much but that is mostly cuz I have stopped getting on Deviant Art that much. For those that have watched my page you know I have not drawn is a long time (I think over a year) and you know why. Without drawing I had less and less reason to login.... I'm hoping to change that but it will be a while seeing as I am moving soon and that is a lot of work.

As for the group. I have noticed you guys have been adding art work and that's great! I'll try to come up with a contest soon as well.

Also I have noticed we have new members! Welcome!

Also I have noticed a few comments and replies here one the page.... Can we PLEASE keep faith out of page? I mean it's great if you have a faith but keep in mind not EVERYONE has the same faith as you. To keep feelings form being hurt I ask for our members not to bring out faith on the page. If you don't like a pairing cuz you think it's a "sin" just say you don't like the pairing and leave it at that. Also lets not troll each other over what pairings we like or don't like.

We have one thing in common, we feel Naruto and Hinata are a pairing we don't like. We all have our reasons.

Also don't troll people who do like NaruHina cuz we don't want them trolling us.

Yes yes rules are kinda being added...

Anyway that's all I can think about right now...
Keep the art work coming! <3

Back to packing for me =(

StefanyRowjazz Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
you just took a very long vacation from drawing :D trust me, out of nowhere you'll have this cool idea and you're gonna wanna draw it! heheh i'm kinda moving too, in a month or so.. it sucks to move. I'ts like i've been in different cities all my life, sort of.. I don't troll, I just put up my opinion of things in a mature way. AND in a nice way. like yesterday me and this NH fan were talking, no one's feelings got hurt.. *Beware of the psycho's too*:iconragefaceplz:
Moving is a paiiiiinnnnnn
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